Combining multiple PDF files

With the arrival of our new webshop it is no longer possible to upload multiple PDF files. We would like to receive one complete PDF file. Do you have multiple PDf files? You can easily combine these with each other in Adobe Acrobat. 

You start by opening one of your PDF files in Acrobat. Next up: Go to 'Options' (left menu) and choose 'insert pages'> 'from file'. Now you select the PDF file you want to add. This PDF file will now appear in your current PDF as a new page. Repeat this step until you have collected all the PDF files you want to combine. Please note: All pages must have the same orientation. This means we need all your files in portrait or landscape, not a combination. In addition it is also important you check the order of pages carefully. For instance, you are combining 2 designs. The first page in your PDF will contain the front of your first design while the second page contains the back of your first design. Page 3 will be the front of your second design, and so on. Even if all your designs have the same background, we still need these background added in the PDF. 

You can also combine your PDF files via Adobe's website:

If you still can not get your files combined, please do not hesitate to contact us!