Order process on our new website

It took a while, but the moment is finally there! We proudly present our renewed DWCPRINT webshop! A new ordering environment takes some time getting used to, therefore we listed a number of new options and changes for you.  

Creating a new account

Unfortunately, concerning structure and security, it was not possible to transfer your old data to our new shop. You can create a new account here, using your previous account details. 

Requesting account history

Your account history is not transferable. No need to despair, we still have this information! All you have to do is send us an email (info@dwcprint.nl) with your old account details. We will make sure you receive a file holding all your data (excluding print-files).

Payment on account

Previously paid on account and want to continue doing this? We kindly ask you to fill in this form which will make it possible to pay on account for future orders. (Provided the credit-check, checks out.) Please note that this is only valid for B2B customers and we need a current (up to 6 months) Chamber of Commerce extract.

New file submission details for productions with foil.

The way you format your files has slightly been adjusted, you can find these (here) in our renewed 'Base of Knowledge'. All other delivery specifications have remained the same. 

Major changes and new functions.

We have made a number of major changes to our renewed DWCPRINT webshop:

  • The webshop is organized more clearly so you can find what you are looking for a lot faster.
  • The shop is suitable for all mobile devices! Easily calculate a price while being on the way? Of course!
  • The search function has been improved, so that you only see results that match and / or are related to your search term (s).
  • You can put together and get a price for your wanted product (s) alot faster!
  • Our 'Base of Knowledge' shows you the correct information faster and products are provided with more product specific information.
  • Quotations can be easily found and converted to an order via your account.  
  • You can now easily repeat an order with just 1 mouseclick! 
  • You can now change the delivery address of any specific order in your own account. (pre-shipping off course). 
  • Any discounts are immediately visible when calculating a product. 
  • You can now choose your own delivery date. For a small fee, we deliver urgently. Postponed deliveries are also possible. This way you will always receive your package whenever you want it to be delivered, and where.
  • Online VAT validation for Belgian customers, directly place an order without having to pay VAT.
  • We added new payment methods including Apple Pay and iDEAL QR. All banks are now available for iDEAL payments.

Personal price agreements and Reseller discount. 

Because a new account must be created for every customer, price agreements and resellers discounts will not be visible in your account right away. Please contact us via info@dwcprint.nl to apply the discount to your account again. Your order history will not become visible in your new account. Based on your order history we may have divided you into a different group. If your discount has already been activated, your discount will be shown directly in our webshop (whilst being logged in). This no longer happens after placing products into your shopping cart. 

Possible price differences.

The prices you see in our new shop may be different. This does not mean that you will now pay more by default. Some products will be cheaper while other products may be slightly more expensive. For example: You no longer pay extra for having multiple designs which makes 10 x 100 flyers as cheap as 1 x 1000 flyers. Do you encounter a huge difference? Please contact us. 

Initially you only have the option to pay upfront. Are you planning to order from us regularly? In that case you can also pay on account. Submit a request for payment on account through our Sales & Service department. After a clear credit check, this function will be assigned to your account. Did you pay on account before? Please contact our Sales & Delivery department.